Adding spice to life!

What better way to enjoy life to the full, than adding that extra spice to life… The isle has always been famed for pampering ones senses and when it comes to the local cuisine, it is indeed a taste of paradise!

An extensive array of succulent fruits, fresh vegetables, exotic seafood and an assortment of colourful natural spices make one's taste buds sparkle. Savour Lobster, Crab, Jumbo Prawns and varieties of fish, combined with fresh meats cooked in traditional Sri Lankan curry in fine restaurants.

Asian, Far Eastern, European and American cuisine is freely available but Sri Lankan cuisine is high adventure.
Don't forget that Sri Lanka is the home of many exotic spices which, in fact, will "add spice to life"

Take a Culinary Tours of this magical island and be amazed at the art of fine eating, the healthy way in true Sri Lankan style.