Arugam Bay

Along Sri Lanka's exotic southeast coast is one of the world's best surfing points - Arugam Bay. This village, 320 km due east of Colombo, is situated at the edge of Yala East National Park and just a short distance away from Pottuvil. There is much in store for sports enthusiasts, underwater photographers and swimmers at Arugam Bay all year round.

Surfing is the number one activity here; the beaches at Arugam Bay attract surfers from all over the world and have been venues for several international competitions since 2004. The waves are perfect and challenging for professional surfing especially during the months of April to October when the wind is predominantly offshore. There are three main surf spots at Arugam Bay - the highlight of which is Arugam Point, a long right hand break with 2m waves and 400m ride. The other two surf spots are Pottuvil Point, which is a tad bit smaller than Arugam Point and Crocodile Rock which is perfect for beginner and intermediate surfers.

There is still much to do here even if you do not fancy surfing. Arugam Bay is an excellent location for swimming all year round with its sheltered bays, and is renowned for its diving and snorkeling opportunities too. The coral reef found here is spectacular with an amazing array of colourful tropical fish to be observed. The Basses Reefs is a must see scuba diving site in Sri Lanka - it consists of two enormous reef complexes called the Great Basses and the Little Basses. With amazing sandstone formations and drop-offs, clear ocean views and an abundance of fish including sharks, tuna, barracuda, rays and snappers, diving here is a real treat.

Apart from all the beach related activities available, the village of Arugam Bay also offers gorgeous sceneries of mangrove, jungle and lagoon landscapes. There are two national parks nearby - Yala East and Lahugala that are home to elephants and other wildlife attractions.

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