Matale, the administrative capital of the Matale District in Central Sri Lanka, is an excellent tourist retreat. Situated 142 km from Colombo, this town is a great gateway to see amazing attractions such as Aluwihara rock cave temple, the Knuckles Mountain Range and an exciting range of spice gardens.

The Knuckles Mountain Range traditionally - referred to as Dumbara Kanduvetiya 'mist-laden mountain range' is an important landmark of Matale. It is part of the latest UNESCO World Heritage Site in Sri Lanka - Central Highlands. This mountain range takes its name from a series of folds and peaks, resembling the knuckles of a fist. Visitors will enjoy the gorgeous views here, along with the wide diversity of flora and fauna species available.

Matale is also famous for agriculture; tea, rubber, vegetable and spice cultivations are predominant. Spices are popular and this is evident by the number of spice gardens available! Here, clients can see different spices and learn how they are grown, processed and used in cookery and medicine. Most of these places have a shop attached, but you are under no obligation to buy any products. Spice up your life at Ranweli Spice Garden, Surathura Spice Garden International Spice Walk and Old Village Spice and Herbal Garden, four of the most popular spice gardens in Matale.

In terms of historic and cultural importance, Matale is a hotspot. The district is home to Sigirya fortress, Dambulla cave temple and Aluwihara rock cave temple. With a history tracing back to the 3rd century BC, the Aluwihara Temple situated on the north side of Matale is of great significance. It was the location where the Buddhist doctrines were first written down in text, and this record known as 'Thripitakaya' is the main guidance book of the main religion in Sri Lanka, Theravada Buddhism.

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