One of the largest towns in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka, Tangalle is situated approximately 200 km south of Colombo. It is famed for its tranquil beaches attracting tourists looking for a quiet holiday. In addition to being a centre of tourism, it is also an important fishing port. Tangalle offers an excellent range of accommodation options for tourists catering to all needs, budgets and tastes.

Situated on one of the largest and finest bays in Sri Lanka, Tangalle is the perfect place for a relaxing holiday with lots of sun and sand minus the tourist masses. Tangalle Bay is protected from the ocean by an enclosed reef, making it ideal for surfing, snorkelling and swimming activities. Visitors here can also venture out into the ocean on fishing boats with local fishermen. There are a series of bays adjacent to the main bay such as Goyambokka, Pallikkudawa, Medaketiya and Medilla which are also rarely crowded. The best time to enjoy beach activity in Tangalle is between October and April, after the monsoon season has ceased.

Another attraction at Tangalle is the stunning ancient temple of Mulkirigala which still functions to this day. Situated on a 210m hill, this temple consists of ancient caves adorned with painted mural and statues. The colossal Wevurukannala Buddha Statue found at Dikwella is also worth visiting - here tourists will enjoy scenic views of the countryside. Other interesting activities include turtle watching at a top eco-site in the world, Rekawa. This beach stretch is a popular turtle nesting site, and some lucky tourists just might be able to watch female turtles lay their eggs on shore. The Hummanaya Blow Hole is another must visit destination for those that travel to Tangalle. Classified as the second largest of its kind in the world, is a gorgeous natural fountain that ejects a magnificent spray of water up to 25m into the air every few minutes!

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