Terrific Trincomalee

The tropical city of Trincomalee (popularly referred to as 'Trinco') is situated on the east coast of Sri Lanka, about 250 km north east of Colombo. With one of the finest natural deep water harbours in the world, a sunny climate and calm white sandy beaches, there is much in store for visitors here. Built on a peninsula, the city has played an important role in maritime and international trading and is home to Sri Lanka's main naval base.

Trincomalee is also famous for its multitude of Buddhist and Hindu temple ruins, and is considered to be a sacred place for Sinhalese and Tamils. The Hindu temple Koneswaram built atop Swami Rock is a must visit site. Other places to visit here include Sri Lanka's largest remaining historic Dutch fortress and the rare hot spring wells at Kanniyai, which attract crowds throughout the year.

Undoubtedly, the main attraction at Trincomalee is the beach. With tranquil beaches used for swimming, surfing, diving, fishing and whale-watching, this is definitely the place to be on the east coast! Trincomalee offers relatively unspoilt and clean beaches, calm seas, scenic bays, rocky peninsulas and relatively shallow seas, making it an ideal beach destination. There are several hotels and guesthouses available on the coast with access to the beach. Trincomalee also serves as a gateway to the nearby beaches of Nilaweli and Uppuveli, which are 20 km and 6 km away from the town centre respectively. Pigeon Island, named after the Rock Pigeon which colonized it, is also accessible from Trincomalee. Consisting of two islands, this is a marine national park which amazing coral reefs and other flora and fauna.

There are excellent transport links to Trincomalee – it can be accessed from the A6, A12 and A15 highways and has a railway station as well.

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